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День защитника отечества 2019 в Екатеринбурге

20 February

The Military Glory Day (Defender’s Day) is traditionally celebrated in Russia on February, 23rd.  It is considered that on February, 23rd in 1918 Red Guard troops vanquished the professional troops of Kaiser Germany for the first times near Pskov and Narva. These victories became the Red Army’s birthday.

Nowadays for some people, this holiday still means the day of men who do military service. Nevertheless, the majority of Russians and people who live in FSU Regions consider Defender’s Day as the Day of Real Men. It is an important day for Russians.

There will be a special program devoted to Defender’s Day in Mayakovsky Central Park. Beginning from 1 p.m. some Ekaterinburg folk groups’ concerts will take place on the main stage of the Park. There will be also sports activities.

The most exciting part of this event will become soldier porridge which everyone can taste.

There will be arranged a lesson “The award for a hero” in Yeltsin Centre for children. They will find out about some traditions of awards making and presentation. Children also could meet with real heroes of Russia.

Lesson “The award for a hero”

When: February, 23rd, start at 1 p.m.

Where: Yeltsin Centre, 3, Yeltsin St.

Ticket price: 200 roubles

After the end of the festival, you can enjoy special firework. The start is at 9 p.m. 

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