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Museum of the old man B.U. Kashkina (Ural State University)

B.U.Kashkina Museum was inaugurated 19 December 2008 on the basis of the Laboratory of artistic practices and technology museum of art and cultural studies faculty of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia BN Yeltsin in the structure of the Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCC). It was created through the joint efforts of students, staff, faculty members as a multifunctional experimental platform on which are carried out cultural and artistic projects carried out interdisciplinary research, educational programs are implemented in the field of contemporary art, the museum developed an innovative technology.

The museum bears the name of one of the favorite characters of the legendary Sverdlovsk-Yekaterinburg informal culture - the Old Man Bukashkin (Eugene Malahini). Bright and original representative of the phenomenon of national culture, an experimental photographer, painter-abstractionist, author of "samizdat" booklets of poems, created an informal company "Kartinnik" he has become a landmark for the capital of the Urals, its original brand.

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