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Nature Museum

The oldest department of Sverdlovsk Regional Local History Museum is located in historic buildings of Ekaterinburg Mint and mechanical factory.

In the 18th century Ekaterinburg plant was one of the largest in Europe at the time, the diversity of its production was truly amazing. The main products of the plant were flat iron (had been the most valuable export to Europe for over a century), steel, rod iron, cannons and cast iron boilers, iron roof planks, and cast iron floor plates, the first in Russia tin and wire, copper kitchen ware.

In 1726 a new facility was opened next to the ironworks, in was Ekaterinburg Mint. At first it produced copper coins of an unusual quadrangular shape, and later switched to regular round coins. Up until 1876 over 80% of all copper money in Russia was produced in Ekaterinburg.

Nature Museum that currently occupies some of the historic buildings of the plant is the oldest department of SverdlovskOblastLocalHistoryMuseum. It presents a huge collection of natural historical artifacts numbering about 60,000 items accumulated over the years. Fundamental stages of the formation of the Ural mountain ridge, as well as plants and animals of bygone eras are presented in this museum. A malachite monolith weighting around 500 kg, complete skeletons of mammoth and platycerous gigantic reindeer, and an imprint of the fossil helicoprion shark dental apparatus are the most popular paleontological artifacts. The museum is also proud of its collection of dioramas of the Ural landscapes, reconstructed forests and fields depicting animals, birds and insects in their natural habitat.

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