“The Wonderland” Museum of Dolls and Children’s Books

The Museum of Dolls and Children's Books was opened in Literary Block in Ekaterinburg on October 31, 1994. It is situated in the house where D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak's family lived from 1880 to 1883. They rented a room at the owner of the house, С. I. Cherepanova, the wife of the mine surveyor of the Berezovsky mine. In that house one of the first variants of the novel "Privalov's Millions" was written. Before 2003 there was an exhibition of private collections, scientific and elucidative department of the United Museum of the Urals Writers and regular dolls' exhibitions.

    At present the house belongs to the Museum of Dolls and Children's Books "The Wonderland". The exhibitions devoted to children's literature, dolls and toys are held there. The themes of dolls' exhibitions are various: Russian toys, dolls - literary characters, the author's and collection dolls, theatrical dolls, toys of the Soviet period and others. The museum has both a wonderful collection of books and magazines, their rare editions and a rare collection of dolls and toys many of which are presented by the grateful visitors.

    The museum has been cooperating with E.V. Lisina, a toy collector, and the Ural Association of the Doll Artists for 20 years. Periodically the competitions of children's self-made toys are held in the museum. Their peculiarity consists of the personification of literary characters in the dolls' images.




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