The building of the plant was constructed in 1916. The project author is unknown. The founder and the initial constructor was the head of the plant, a mining engineer Baraboshkin N.N. And the investor was Nikolo-Pavdinskoye joint-stock company.

Address: Lenina ave. 8


The mansion planning and construction took place during the first half of the 19 century. Originally the mansion included the house itself, a gate and a subsidiary building but in the second half of the 19 century it was rebuilt because of the new city-planning obligations laid upon all mansions facing the main avenue. Around 1880-ies the house was widened and a new main entrance appeared on Glavniy (“the main”) Prospect (nowadays Lenina street)

Address: Lenina ave. 16


The mansion was being formed from the first part of 19 century by architects Spiring A. and Chirkovsky A.S. In 1859 it belonged to bourgeois Pakhtusov, in 1889 the owner changed to merchant Izhboldin D.G. from Sarapul town.

Address: Lenina ave. 22


The house was built in two stages. In 1860-ies a farmer Malishev A.G. built the northern part of the house with a mezzanine and a basement. One of the oldest Ekaterinburg hotels was here, “Kazan” hotel.

Address: Khokhryakova St. 3

Дом В.Д. Белоусова

Дом В.Д. Белоусова находится на улице Хохрякова. Это одноэтажное здание, построенное в 1893 году архитектором А. Чирковским в стиле эклектики, распространенном в конце XIX века.

Address: Khokhryakova St. 9


As of 1889, the mansion belonged to Moscow merchant Yemelyanov who owned here a manufactory shop. In 1897 Yemelyanov addressed to the City Administration of Ekaterinburg a petition to rebuild the house and it was brought into action by architect Cherdantsev who developed a project in 1897. As a result the house was completed up to two floors and significantly enlarged.

Address: Vaynera St. 12

Русско-Азиатский Банк

Каменное здание банка расположено в торговом центре Екатеринбурга, на перекрестке улиц Малышева (бывший Покровский проспект) и Вайнера (бывшая Успенская), в плотной застройке квартала с примыканием к соседним строениям. После 1917 года здание было национализировано и передано в ведение Государственного банка.

Address: Vaynera St. 24/ Malysheva St. 32

Доходный дом Хребтовой

Образец жилой застройки Екатеринбурга первой половины XIX века, выполненный первоначально в стиле классицизма с последующей реконструкцией в духе эклектики с применением форм барокко.

Address: Vaynera St. 26

Дом мещанина Н.В. Лазарева

Здание является образцом жилой застройки Екатеринбурга конца XIX - начала XX веков, выполненным в формах эклектики.

Address: Vaynera St. 30


Stone two-story house is located close to a big Ekaterinburg shopping mall, between Vaynera Street (former Uspanskaya street), Malisheva Street (former Pokrovsky prospect) and Radisheva Street (former Otriasikhinskaya street).

Address: Vaynera St. 38

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