The ensemble of the first female grammar school

The Ekaterinburg girls grammar school was formed on the basis of the female school, which opened in 1861. The money raised in 1866 started the restructuring of the school building. In 1874 the school was converted into a gymnasium. Gradually the wooden buildings were replaced with stone.

Address: Karla Liebknechta St. 9

The first city public library. V. G. Belinsky

The building was constructed between 1804 and 1809 years as the main residential house of the city estate. The building housed a public school, public library, now the building houses the regional children's library. The building is an example of a public building of Yekaterinburg early XX century, made in the form of a "Neoclassicism".

Address: Karla Liebknechta St., 8.


In the second half of the 19th century at the request of Ekaterinburg merchant Kholkin, a homestead was built which included the following brick structures: a hotel, a restaurant with a shop, a residential house, a billiard saloon, a pavilion, horse stable.

Address: Malysheva St. 68

Merchant babikov’s house

In 1889 the land belonged to Mamayeva, a tradeswoman who owned also a stone house, four pavilions, utility rooms, a bathhouse. In the end of 19th century the house was purchased by a merchant of the Second Guild Babikov N.G. who built a trade house in 1899 after the plans of a famous in those times architect – Dutel

Address: Rosy Luxemburg St. 1


Stone single-floor building is located in the central historic part of the city, in the quarter limited by the following streets: Malisheva (former Pokrovsky avenue), Rosa Luxemburg (former Zlatoustovskaya), Belinskogo (former Nikolskaya), Engelsa (former Malakhovskaya).

Address: Rosy Luxemburg St. 9

"Gamayun" Folk art museum centre

«Gamayun» Folk Art Museum Centre is located in an architectural monument – Kazantsev’s mansion, which is situated in a historical zone of the city, limited by Gogolya St. (former Razgulayevskaya St.) and Engelsa St. (former Malakhovskaya St.), Gorkogo St. (former Vtoraya Beregovaya St.) and Malysheva St. (former Pokrovskiy Ave.).

Address: Gogolya St. 20


Merchant Chuvildin’s apartment house is located on Gorkogo Street, in the center of Ekaterinburg. The house was built upon the project of architect Chirkovsky A.S. and is recognized as a monument of regional importance, which confirms a memorial sign on its wall. The house is also known as “a skewed house” due to its complex configuration as from the aerial view it looks like rhomboid and not like a rectangle. Besides, earlier the house had some additional buildings in the direction of the river go-down.

Address: Gorkogo St. 14


In 1882 at the request of Ekaterinburg bourgeois Aleksandrov G.M. and upon the project of architect Reutov M.L. two two-storey semi-stone houses were erected next to the famous Stone bride. The houses had rooms for travelers, a confectioners shop, a bakery with a tavern. In 1884 the houses were connected between each other and an enlargement was annexed to the central part of the southern facade.

Address: Malysheva St. 56

Здание фотоателье

Здание фотоателье построено в 1924-1926 гг. на средства фотохудожников Ф.С. Мурдасова и А.Ф. Кузнецова. На проектных чертежах, утвержденных в апреле 1924 г., стоят подписи городского инженера Вагичева и заведующего проектным отделом Чиконцева.

Address: Malysheva St. 58a

Merchant Pshenichnikov’s House

Merchant Pshenichnikov’s house is a two-storeyed stone building with mezzanine, built in early 1830-ies at Rabochey Molodyozhi Riverfront, close to the main City Damb. The first building owner was Ekaterinburg merchant Pshenichnikov who contracted such architects as Sviyazev and Malakhov to build the house.

Address: Rabochey Molodyozhi Riverfront, 2/ Khimikov Lane,1

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