Regional exhibition “Masterpieces from Africa of 15-20 centuries”

Have time to visit a unique exhibition in Yekaterinburg: an exhibition of genuine rarities of African masters from 15- 20 centuries: masks, figurines, ornaments, musical instruments from the private collection of the well-known psychologist and collector Igor Belousov. The exhibition will be located in the salon "ANTARES" (Malysheva Street, 29).

In Russia there are no analogues of such an exhibition. The exhibition is designed to arouse interest in art and collecting, contribute to the strengthening of the sense of internationalism in the younger generation.

Items on display

The exhibition features several dozens of ritual masks, statuettes, ornaments, musical instruments from Namibia, Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia and other countries of equatorial and southern Africa. Undoubtedly, the silver ritual objects of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church will be of great interest: icons, crosses, and staves.

Visitors will be able to learn interesting facts about the history of Africa, the culture, beliefs and traditions of dozens of little-known peoples and tribes of Equatorial, Western and Southern Africa. The exhibits are provided by the well-known psychologist and collector Igor Belousov.

The exhibition of such level had never taken place in Russia before.

Exhibiting hours:

Monday-Friday  11:00-18:00

Saturday             11:00-15:00

Sunday                 closed


620014 Ekaterinburg, Malyshewa St.29

Salon “Antares”

Tel. +7 (800) 500-47-14 (free call for Russia)

+7 (963) 440-61-64

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