Tsar’s Days 2019

The events dedicated to the 101st Anniversary of the tragic death of Romanov’s family will take place in Ekaterinburg from the 12th of July till the 21st of July.

The program contains:

— The solemn service and Tsar procession on the night of July 16th to 17th;
— XVIII «Tsar’s Days» Festival of Orthodox Culture
— «Road to the Church» Music Festival
— The Bell-Ringing Festival
— XV International Orthodox Exhibition and Fair
— The Children’s Sailing Race
and others.

Traditionally the Tsar’s Days take place in the capital of Urals. It is a set of events devoted to the anniversary of the Emperor’s family deaths.

Each year thousands of people come to Ekaterinburg to take part in these memorial events. The main festival events are usually the Divine Liturgy held at the Church-on-the-Blood where Romanov’s family was killed and Tsar procession to the Monastery of the Holy Royal martyrs at Ganina Yama where their remains were destroyed in 1918.

The program of events

The source: https://www.uralweb.ru/poster/events/e22459.html

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